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Whether we check off men, children, career, or all of the above, the fact is that we have a choice, and what fulfills and limits us is not created by society and media, but increasingly our own desires. This post is an opening argument to the question, “Do women need men and/or children in order to be fulfilled? ” Check out the opposing viewpoint from Justin Sanders here. This post was also published at Damsels in Success.

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  • Between June 2018 and June 2019, the U.S. economy added a minimum of 56,000 jobs and a maximum of 312,000 jobs .

Sometimes it’s required for applicants to have a bachelor’s degree or previous experience for entry-level positions. They are disappointed that they can’t do something that they’re passionate about, and that’s understandable. They would also prefer to make enough money to sustain their life and pay their bills. With any job, there’s some sacrifice on the part of the worker. If someone is working two jobs or more to sustain their life, it affects romantic relationships.


I agree with your perspective about the new generation of women. I too believe just chasing after work is unhealthy and will not provide complete fulfillment. But for the majority of women, neither will having a family. And however difficult finding the happy medium is, I think that the Gen-Y woman is up for the challenge. And while I hate to pick on Gen-X, it also sounds to me as if you are talking about women who are older and more established in their careers.

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Technology and internet dating may seem awkward, unnatural, and frustrating. For marriage-minded people with hopes of having a family, this is the time to be honest about what you want and to make decisions accordingly. College is a bit of a utopia when it comes to dating. You are literally immersed in a pool of similarly aged singles. And your responsibilities pretty much revolve around you — your studies, your friends, your activities, your interests.


Dating profiles tell people what a potential love interest has to offer. You learn what they like to do in their spare time, how much education they have, their job, where they live, and the qualities they value most in a partner. With so many options to choose from, millennials can afford to be choosey. They’re not willing to settle and hope that things work out.

According to SVT, 13% of those aged 18–21 voted for the Sweden Democrats in 2018 and 14% of those aged 22–30, making them the third largest party in both cases. That figure rose to 21% of year-olds, making them second biggest in that age group. A 2013 YouGov poll of almost a thousand people aged 18 to 24 in the United Kingdom found that 73% in total supported the legalization of same-sex marriage and only 15% opposed. 41% either strongly or somewhat supported legalizing “soft” drugs, such as cannabis while 46% strongly or somewhat opposed.

How Millennial Love And Relationships Are Different

With all that in mind, why are millennials having less sex than previous generations? If they have so many options and all the freedom in the world to explore said options, why aren’t they super duper promiscuous? The answer as to why is still a mystery, even to experts, but Dr. Wade has a theory. However, from stories old people tell, and just general knowledge and whatnot, we know that modern dating is definitely not what it used to be. In fact, dating for Gen X’ers was wildly different than those before them, and not surprisingly, sex and dating for millennials is unlike anything history has ever seen.

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According to a 2019 report from the non-partisan non-profit think tank New America, a household headed by a person under 35 in 2016 had an average net worth of almost US$11,000, compared to US$20,000 in 1995. According to the St. Louis Federal Reserve, an average millennial owned US$162,000 of assets, compared to US$198,000 for Generation X at the same age . Risk management specialist and business economist Olivia S. Mitchell of the University of Pennsylvania calculated that in order to retire at 50% of their last salary before retirement, millennials will have to save 40% of their incomes for 30 years. She told CNBC, “Benefits from Social Security are 76% higher if you claim at age 70 versus 62, which can substitute for a lot of extra savings.” Maintaining a healthy lifestyle—avoiding smoking, over-drinking, and sleep deprivation—should prove beneficial. As they saw their economic prospects improved in the aftermath of the Great Recession, the COVID-19 global pandemic hit, forcing lock-down measures that resulted in an enormous number of people losing their jobs. For millennials, this is the second major economic downturn in their adult lives so far.