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There is little variation in the amount of rainfall throughout the year. Select your travel preferences below and let a local take it from there. Your personalized guidebook to Puerto Rico is just a few clicks away.


  • Similarly, if any citizen of another country should come into the US, they must provide a passport.
  • At this beach, there is plenty of shade from the palm trees, plus convenient parking, showers, and lots of options for eating and drinking while you’re there.
  • Important Due to Covid-19, processing times for passports are taking longer than normal for both standard and expedited services.
  • Getting from San Juan to Culebra is easy if you rent a car, and get to the Ceiba ferry or by taking an airplane through Vieques Air Link.

Give’em a canopy and a gas shoe shops kings road grill, and they’ll have a roadside restaurant. I’m curious if anyone has vacationed in Puerto Rico since the hurricane and what your feelings are? I believe infrastructure is still being reconstructed and I’m wondering if this makes for a somewhat less than desirable experience.

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Farm-to-table dining experiences have earned international coverage and entrepreneur incubators have given food trucks new life in many neighborhoods. Puerto Rico’s capital of San Juan offers tourists stunning waterfronts, authentic restaurants, world-class hotels, and much more. Let’s be honest, public transportation in Puerto Rico sucks big time!

Top Beachside Accommodations In Puerto Rico

If you are not feeling well after your trip, you may need to see a doctor. If you need help finding a travel medicine specialist, see Find a Clinic. Be sure to tell your doctor about your travel, including where you went and what you did on your trip. Also tell your doctor if you were bitten or scratched by an animal while traveling. International and domestic travelers are not required to present proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test prior to arrival on the Island.

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For those who enjoy a drink, Bacardi’s “Cathedral of Rum” factory is the largest premium rum distillery in the world. The factory is located across the harbor from Old San Juan and is open for tours. Overall, my time in Puerto Rico was refreshing, comfortable, and the perfect way to unwind as I ease back into travel. I was impressed with the level of safety and strict protocols instituted throughout the island, all of which facilitated making the trip as relaxing as it was. On the day I was there, a government press event took place in the park, and entry was limited, so crowding was never an issue—even better as fewer people could hear my terror-filled screams.

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Unlike traveling by plane, you’ll be able to experience the fresh breeze of the sea. In order to help you with your journey, we’ve collected all the information regarding the protocols you need to follow while traveling to Puerto Rico by your own boat. But who knows what the most beautiful inland sections are like after the hurricane. Puerto Rico is mountainous, and the government has never properly invested in their road infrastructure. Most highways just run west from San Juan along the coast–turning south on the western end of the island. I’d suggest just flying into San Juan and staying on the beach out by the airport.